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What a time to be alive!, Dec. 18, 2019

What a time to be alive!

I’m pleased to report that is quickly approaching our soft launch. The shopping tool is nearly complete and working extremely well. Naturally, there are a few bugs to sort out, but that’s to be expected. While you wait, have a look at some of the screenshots and let us know what you think.

Even as we march towards release we’re finding new features and enhancements that we’ll be adding in the next few months. Some are super-secret, but one of our favourites is the addition of a shopping list with price-drop notifications. Just add the things you’re planning to buy soon to your list and be notified when the price drops by an amount you specify. Don’t miss out on limited stock or great deals – as always our real-time inventory system keeps tabs on both the price and where you’ll find the product in stock.

So who are the retailers we’re launching with? We’ll keep that under wraps for the time being, but you can probably guess a few. They are among Canada’s largest retail companies, they have excellent websites with real-time or near real-time price and availability data available on a per-store level. 

Who are we launching without? The biggest gap you’ll notice right away will be a lack of grocery stores. This is mainly because most of them don’t make inventory levels and pricing for all their products available online. We’re hoping that will change quickly, or that we can partner with them directly to get information to their customers. Worst case scenario, we may begin offering pricing-only information on the products we know about in the new year (2020) because we’ve heard loud and clear from you, our users, that groceries are the thing you shop for most often. 

Keep the communication coming, we’re all ears!