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What in tarnation does this website do?, Dec. 16, 2019

What in tarnation does this website do?

We’re glad you asked! Near is a new way to shop for products, in your own community. Find where things are available for the lowest price, and more importantly – where they’re in stock! No more driving from place to place looking for the things you need and hoping you’re getting the lowest price. Just pop open Near and we’ll do the searching for you.

So how does it work? The same way you do! If you wanted to buy a hammer, you’ve got a few options.  You might just go to the store of your choosing and hope they had a hammer at the best price, but if you were trying to be frugal, you might shop around. You could get in your car and drive around, but the quickest way would be to check a few websites. You might search Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Lowes. Maybe Rona and Home Hardware too. But you probably forgot to search Princess Auto, and Walmart, and the Home Hardware in the next town over. And even if you remembered, that would take ages ...

This is where Near comes in!

When you search Near for a hammer, we search every store we know about for hammers – even stores where you’re not likely to find one. We search grocery stores and drug stores. Hardware stores, electronic stores, department stores, clothing stores, dollar stores – you name it. All the stores in your area. And then we present to you all the hammers we found, with their price and inventory levels. No need for you to search every website manually – we do it for you. You save time, find the lowest price and get what you need without waiting for it to ship to you. 

This is a win-win solution. You get your product, your money supports shops and jobs in your local community and there’s no wait for shipping. 

We’re still a few week’s from launching and even when we do we’ll be adding retailers continuously for a few months. But regardless, we’re excited for you to test the site out and give us your feedback. We’ll be adding an app very soon with lots more exciting features, so stay tuned!