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Help For Businesses How does the process work?

How does the process work?

We’re offering a delivery service, for everything except restaurant meals. We work more or less the same way you would expect:

  1. You take an order from your customer, either over the phone or from the internet. You bill them whatever delivery charge you wish.
  2. You go to and place your delivery request. Fill out all the details in the form. Pay our delivery fee with your business credit card.
  3. We receive your delivery request and the wheels start turning. Based on the information in your order, we prioritize the request and prepare to dispatch someone to pick up the order.
  4. When someone arrives to collect the order, they will give you the order number to verify themselves. It is your responsibility to confirm the order number with the driver.
  5. In some cases, the driver will immediately deliver the order. If we have multiple non-perishable orders going to the same area of the city, we may choose to aggregate those orders to improve our efficiency.
  6. Before the delivery, we will contact your customer and verify that they will be home and available to receive the order. We’ll give them a delivery window at that time (typically a 60 minute window).
  7. We’ll deliver the order according to the instructions received. Our delivery team will not hand it to the customer. They will place it in front of the door and knock or ring the doorbell. If the customer does not immediately answer, they will take a picture of the delivered package and leave.
  8. You will receive an emailed update, letting you know that the package was delivered.